Ming Hai Inc is a Canadian controlled private corporation, specialized on flax seed trading and process area in Canada and China. In 2007 Minghai established strategic partnership relation with TIANJIN MHJIAYE Co. which has accumulated over 20 years' experience in flax seed business sector, primarily in Asia but has expanded into Europe, the Americas and in past 5 years.

We set up procurement networks, located in western Canada and US northwest. These valued channels allowing us to buy produce directly from farmers with most competitive market price offering. We then aggregate, transport, process and trade the commodity into the most optimal local, regional or international market.

Our international and regional network enables us to move commodities directly to the areas of best comparative advantage. We also invest in logistics capacity to supplement available transporters to allow us to efficiently move commodity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to generate stable long-term profit through our well established oversea trade corridor, superior quality of western Canadian oil seeds product and investment on cost-efficient fix assets. To continually exceed our customer, producer, and supplier expectations with diligence, honesty, profession and reliability.


Within the coming 5 years. Ming Hai Inc aspires to become the center of excellence and one of the most competent in agriculture export business in western Canada.